Monday, September 3, 2012

i would have my own kitchen show...

if these were as pretty as ina's!
i'm now 3/24 for new recipes.  the only changes i made was that i added peanuts and dried cherries, and i didn't have wheat germ, dried apricots or coconut.  i wanted to use what i had on hand.  i've been making granola the last few months, and i wanted to try these granola bars for a change.  these will be a tasty and healthy snack to have at work (and in the pantry).  i love that i could get this shot with my new camera that was set to the "food pose". it's going to be fun experimenting with the new camera, and i don't have to worry about wasting film!  hope everyone had a wonderful labor day.

what's your favorite snack right now?


Mary said...

wow! congrats on the new camera - you are going to LOVE it, I know!! and those granola bars look delicious. I've had them before (thanks to other people making them) and loved them. my favorite snack is still popcorn. wonder when I'll get tired of it?!

Beth said...

Your new camera has a food pose setting? How fun is that?!

Favorite snack...I guess right now that would be Fage Greek yogurt that comes with the little bit of fruit. I like cherry the best.