Tuesday, October 9, 2012

this weekend (10 things)

since it was a 3 day weekend for me, i'm going to include a  few things i did on monday.  the photo is from barnsley gardens.  mom, kathy and i spent a few hours here, what a lovely place. we plan to go back in the late spring when more of the gardens are in bloom.

1. barnsley gardens day trip
2. blocked my cedar leaf shawlette and my wisp cardigan
3. baked 2 batches of cookies-something happened, they're good, just not "cake-y" like they should be.
4. cleared out my email "in-box"
5. went to church
6. cycled approximately 86 miles (30, 30, 25-ish)
7. laundry
8. cleaned the bathrooms and dusted
9. took sophie on several walks
10. wore a cardigan (brrr, some chilly days over the weekend.

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