Friday, November 23, 2012

something i really like

garden and gun magazine, it's a bi-monthly magazine that my boss got me hooked on. he'd pass along issues for me to "sample". when steve and i visited to new orleans earlier this year, our food tour took us to  tujaques (the second oldest restaurant, antoine's being the first).  it supposed to be where the cocktail was born-the sazerac, anyway, the bartender that made our drinks was featured in this magazine, and his picture captured him perfectly.  i knew then and there i had to subscribe. my boss likes to say that this magazine is "all about the south we're not invited to, but allowed to observe".  seriously, though the articles features little known artisans and craftspeople throughout the south, and the spirit of what it means to be southern.  previous issues have featured steve martin and his band, morgan freeman, ted turner etc.  there are always recipes and a "good dog story" which will make you laugh, cry or both.  the articles are incredibly well written (something that seems to be disappearing these days).  there is always a musician/group featured, and they tend to be those that are very non-run of the mill that embrace the folk-y mountain music, jazz, and are the kind of people that are driven to keep the good parts of the south alive (not the confederate rebel flag waving south either). i attended a lunch/talk close to my office a few weeks ago that was hosted at RAO Design studio to celebrate a collaboration between the designer and siematic kitchens (oh to win the lottery and be invited to this south!). of course, i went cause i knew the food alone would be amazing.  we had a lovely "boxed lunch" served in a galvanized tray with brown butcher paper (i so wanted to take this thing home), we had pickled okra, roasted potato wedges, 3 lovely triangles of assorted sandwiches (3/4 of a whole sandwich) a slaw that was amazing-something chipotle-ish, and a sugar cookie for dessert.  just the right size portions so that you were full, but not FULL.  i got a chance to chat with a a few people from the magazine, and they were blown away by the turnout and how much "everyday" people said they LOVED this magazine.  everyone said the same thing-that they thought the writing and the content was so different from other magazines, and you really wanted to read it cover to cover, even about the fly-rod maker in blue ridge that charges $2,000 minimum for hand crafted cane rods.  i always make notes from the magazine of places to visit and restaurants to try-what are you really liking these days. reality is that it's a VERY slow day at work and i managed to read the latest issue in it's entirety and i still have time to spare before i go home!!!!!

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Mary said...

virginia clue'd me into this magazine and I was thinking I'd get it for katie & rob (hah! surprise spoiled. oh well!) hope you found time to knit after your reading :-)