Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10 holiday cookies

12.3 holiday treats by lifeandyarn

1. spritz cookies (photo above)-a sheffield family recipe-an all time favorite, probably because of the almond extract which is one of my favorite "sweet" flavors
2. biscotti-this year includes gingerbread and cranberry/almond
3. shortbread-specially when it's cut into cute scottie dog shapes
4. candy cane cookies-a sheffield family recipe-mine never look great, so i'm glad that my sister in law karen makes this every year.
5. ginger spice cookies (not sure if this is the exact name, mary made these a couple years ago, and i love the ginger-y bite of these cookies.
6. peppermint and chocolate-2 of my favorite flavor combinations. i don't have a recipe, but it's one of the first treats you'll see me go for at a party.
7. toffee squares-another family recipe (yes, there are many!)
8. egg nog cookies-these could become a top favorite, i'm not a fan of egg nog, but andrew made a batch of these the other day and they were so good-must be the cinnamon and nutmeg.
my last 2 are not cookies, but treats that always appear this time of year:
9. pretzel turtles (a pecan, a rolo candy on top of a pretzel and melted) LOVE the salty-sweet
10. cashew brittle
baking was never something our family did at the holidays.  this is a tradition of my husband's family, and i can't begin to tell you how many batches of cookies i've delivered to people over the last 20 years.  one year i made 17 different types of cookies and treats, that'll NEVER happen again.  i'm scaling back on a lot of these kinds of things, and now i just give cookies to a couple co-workers and my bosses since i don't actually buy them gifts. 

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Mary said...

love the photo...especially because it's those spritz I don't like to bake! we have converted you for sure, though and always enjoy the delicious treats you share at our christmas gatherings!