Wednesday, December 19, 2012

considering 2013.

a friend posted this quote (see link for credit) on facebook. i think i'll adopt this as my motto for the next year. i've given 2013 a lot of thought over the last few months-where i want to be, what i want to accomplish, what changes are coming my way, etc. i won't be adopting a word this year, but rather it'll be the year of "ME", not in a selfish-all about me kinda way, but more in what can I do to make ME a better person way-physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally etc. i learned some hard lessons in 2012, and i told a co-worker the other day when she was surprised i was going to ride in the sunny, but very chilly weather-what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. i have to say the ride was very invigorating and a perfect break from the office. sooo back to the topic at hand, i hope to:
1. maintain my weight and physical health-i'm very happy with both, but am always looking for ways to eat more healthy and keep my exercise routine interesting.
2. create boundaries-yep, unfortunately there are those who have no respect for them, so i guess i'll need a better stronger fortress.
3. knitting-my focus will be on quality rather than quantity. i want patterns that are challenging enough to keep my interest, but not cause me to throw the knitting across the room. i have a feeling i'll be doing several small projects in order to use up my stash (mittens, hats, socks, etc.).
4. sewing/quilting-again working on reducing my stash, would love to put together some scrappy quilts to give away to those in need.  really need to improve my overall skills, so i hope to take a few classes next year.
5. de-clutter-i always seem to be doing this-i'll have some time off in january, so i'm going to do significant decluttering-clothes, "stuff", etc.
6. i want to be involved in more bible studies, but i don't necessarily want to lead them. i'm looking to be "fed", so we'll see where this goes.  i'm really hoping wendy pope will continue her on-line psalm bible study. we've done psalms 1-51 so far.
7. create a better routine when it comes to home computer stuff-i need to be more independent on trouble shooting computer and printer issues. doing my downloads and uploads more regular so i don't get so far behind.
8. improve my photography-really learn how to use my camera-there's so much day to day to capture.
9. embark on project life-i'm real excited about and plan to steal lots of ideas from friends and bloggers.
10. finally, i want to laugh til i cry and my sides ache.OFTEN.

i'm sure i'll be doing more reflecting and musing as the year goes by-lots of fun things coming up- traveling, a wedding, graduations, family get to-gethers etc. anyone else making resolutions or setting goals for 2013?


Mary said...

every journey begins with a single step...and - I like to think anyway - someplace awesome to end up. your 2103 has both. best wishes my friend, and know that I am here to support and help...just let me know (boundaries and such :-)

Beth said...

Thanks for the link to the online Bible study. I'm reading Psalms right now and this will be a good addition.

It sounds like we are working on some of the same things. 2012 was not a good year for my health and I want 2013 to be better. I'm considering taking Cathy Zielske's Move More, Eat Well 2.0 to keep me motivated to make changes.

When you have time, let's meet in the middle for coffee/tea.

Beth said...

I forgot something! The library is offering online classes (free right now). I'm taking a digital photography class. There are several of those, Photoshop classes, etc. It's called Ed2Go and it's on the library homepage. Here's a link: