Wednesday, May 15, 2013

half way through..divided into thirds

disclaimer-the photo has nothing to do with content-just an illustration of making the most of my "found moments" to knit. one of my jobs is escorting the vending machine guy when he comes each week, am on the collar of my featherweight cardigan (yeah!)
so since it's been a while since my last post-i think instagram is becoming my mini blog-i figured an update was in orderwe are half way through may, and so far i've:

celebrated 2 birthdays
celebrated an anniversary and the kentucky derby
attended a conference in miami

pre-mother's day mani/pedicure + lunch
made a strawberry pie
mother's day brunch + great gatsby + mexican
acquired and conquered a cold
maintained my house keeping, laundry and exercise regimes-may have missed 2 bike rides or walks
visited the dog park twice
nearly completed a cardigan
nearly completed a shawlette (pendulum's almost done!)

still to do:
get a car wash
make sure i don't forget to get some fresh air and exercise
celebrate with "the girls"
go one more time to the dog park
buy one more gift for family abroad
wrap gifts for friends/family abroad for PJ to pack
celebrate with "the wedding party"
attend a wedding celebration 
make one round trip drive to the airport
prepare and host a birthday tea
bake one cheesecake for the final birthday celebration for the month
attend the final birthday celebration for the month (lunch out :-) )
attend one high school graduation
celebrate high school graduations for 2 awesome people
finalize sophie's doggy day care
finalize sophie and mom's meals
finalize travel plans
gather quilt day bits and pieces (must not forget!!!)
pack for trip . . . . relax (i hope!)

what i most likely WON'T do before may 29, but would like to:
find cute skirts to take on vacation
get to see the dixie stars for sewing
finish reading a book
create some playlists for vacation-thank goodness for pandora
plant veggies in the patch that has been plowed for me at a friend's house
go for an outdoor bike ride
find a new blog reader "thing-y" since google reader is ending (SOON!)

so much to do, and seemingly so little time, but is all so good-my list could include trips to visit sick family or friends or worse.  i see from this list that i am richly blessed and lucky to have so many "good" things to celebrate.



Mary said...

and whew! you're doing great...and there's more fun to come! (ps. I've been using feedly in place of google reader. seamless transition. can't even remember life before I used it!) looking forward to seeing you this weekend. girl time, fun time, family time!!

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