Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Falling back.

This week's10 on Tuesday prompt is about thoughts on the time change-I think most people would agree, it's a love-hate relationship.

10. marks a "season" which i love and since the recent time change is for fall-it means i get to see beautiful fall colors.
 9. i hate that it's darker sooner cause it makes getting to the dog park during the week more difficult, and i hate driving in the dark.
 8. i don't like having to reset all the clocks, am glad the iphone and the computer do not have to be reset
 7. it takes a while to get adjusted to the new time, i like sunshine.
 6. now it's not dark when i drive to work.
 5. it seems to get colder sooner, or is that just me?
 4. it's dark whenever i walk sophie (morning and evening)-dislike!
 3. i think i get sleepier sooner-might not be a bad thing?!
 2. when it's fall it's time for new foods (heartier soups, baked breads, etc.)
 1. i'm not sure why we keep doing it-tradition?


Patty said...

The double darkness is tough especially for dog walks! But the food is good isn't it?!

Donna said...

I'm not sure why we do this either! I agree with everything on your list. Especially the dog walking part.

Mary said...

I wish we'd stay on one time all year, too. and now that we're back on Standard Time, my vote is for this one. I haven't adjusted yet to wanting dinner at 5pm :-)