Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Favorite Summer Side dishes

Carole's prompt for today has made me hungry, and is giving me some ideas for this weekend.

10.  Caprese salad-we had it the other night with pesto instead of basil-soooo good.
  9.  Grilled veggies-anything eggplant, squash corn etc.
  8.  Potato salad-especially from Mountain Man BBQ-sadly this last Memorial weekend family gathering marks the end of this treat.
  7.  Fruit salad-nothing like summer fruits
  6.  Tomatoes-sliced up with a sprinkle of salt and pepper
  5.  Pasta salad-especially with a lemon-y vinegarette
  4.  Bean salad
  3. Cucumbers and tomatoes with a little vinegar-salt and pepper
  2.  Garden salads-the ingredients during the summer make them extra yummy
  1.  Canteloupe

I love summer time foods. 


Mary said...

I'm loving today's lists... pesto on the caprese salad is a great idea - I almost always have it on hand, but rarely have fresh basil.

Bonny said...

Tomatoes - I can't wait until all our green one are ripe! And I think I'd love anything from a place called Mountain Man BBQ.