Friday, August 22, 2014


Taking in a second dog has proven to be a bit of work and a test of patience. Say hello to our newest addition-Harley.  When we were discussing "adoption" with her owner she was called "Arli", well it turned out that we had to exaggerate the "A", else she was being called Harley, so decided not to fight it.  Turns out her official name is Scarlett O'Here We Go Again or Scarlett for short.  She is a very very sweet and obedient dog. She had puppies about 4 months ago, and is officially retired from breeding.  Sophie is still not quite sure about her, but I think they are warming up to each other.  For a 4 year old Harley has ALOT of energy, and comes from a home with kids which means she and Sophie have some adjustments to make.  Everything I'm reading says to give it time and be patient, but firm-so we all are trying to do our best.  When the door bell rings it now sounds like we have 2 big doberman's in the house-might be a good deterrent-right?

Harley with her new squeaky toy that lasted 10 minutes before it was in shreds.
The girls out for a walk

I believe these two will provide me with plenty of blog fodder when there is no knitting content.  We'll see.


Mary said...

oh it's official. TWO DOGS (and just saying, I think you might be crazy :-)

Linda said...

I love poodles! We've had two toy ones. But no big ones yet! Love your names for them! Our first one was named Flim Flam. The second was Darth Vader!

Linda in VA