Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm ready for a nap . .

i can't believe it's christmas eve- i slept in (5:15), headed out for my walk, and yes, it was very cold. for some odd reason my right hand was colder than my left. i'm thinking i need to either invest in some heavy duty wool gloves, or underarmour, or both. it's 39 degrees now, so i'm sure it was about 20 something then.

i enjoyed the stillness of the early morning, and unfortunately my photo of the stars did not come out, perhaps i'll master the art of night photography this next year.

cooked a casserole and lemon-poppy seed muffins for breakfast, and finished up the last of the holiday treats and did the cooking for tonight and tomorrow. the only thing left to cook are the yorkshire puddings which have to be done right before we eat.

will need a nap today since we have the 11:00 pm service at church, and won't get home and settled in for the night until probably about midnight- hope i can make it.

our christmas eve/day menu rarely changes and it's one of the traditions we stick to no matter what day of the week christmas falls on or how busy everything else gets.

christmas eve dinner:
roast beef, yorkshire pudding, gravy, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, green beans, christmas pudding, and christmas crackers (we have to have our funny crowns!), and this year will have the cookies and treats i've already baked plus ice cream for dessert.

brunch christmas day:
maple-vanilla french toast, potato sausage (thanks to polly), scrambled eggs, fruit salad and mimosas.

after we open gifts, we have brunch, while watching a christmas story, continuously until it goes off for the day, i love that movie!

this is the one day i really get to sleep in, and do pretty much nothing, knit, drink, and eat-that's it! i've got a laundry list of stuff to do on wednesday beginning with dropping pj off for his trip with the youth group at 7:30 AM,

so i really want to accomplish eveything i need to that day, so i can devote saturday to our family gift exchange and enjoying an extended holiday-day.

i'm really loving the holidays this year, and i hope to be able to do some better planning (and executing), so things don't seem so last minute-especially the baking, cards and decorating. i don't mind shopping at the last minute, but i'd like to have my house deocrated before dec 15.


Merry Christmas to All

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