Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In a nutshell . . .

. . . . love having the day after Christmas off, got tons done today, so here's a recap of the last three days which have been phenomenal:

C.mas Eve-
♥yummy traditional dinner
♥traditional Italian dinner at the Fitzpatricks: Ann's promised to teach me how to make her homemade sauce, there was pasta of all shapes, baked pasta, and a variety of meat sauces,
this is the second year we've been to their house on C.mas Eve, and it amazes me how many people are in their home on Christmas Eve for this special dinner: friends, family, neighbors, always a warm and welcome feeling.

♥Christmas Eve Service-peaceful and spirit filled

C.mas Day-
♥more yummy food
♥presents- Elvis yarn from Toasty, rosewood dpn and a yarn cutter- thanks Steve!
♥a full day of TV watching new DVD's: To Catch a Thief, Vicor of Dibley (last two episodes); Bourne Ultimatum;
♥early bed time- a bit of reading on Love over Scotland

Boxing Day-

♥drop PJ off for youth trip
♥errands and shopping, bargains galore (Ann Taylor Loft!); a much needed manicure (no polish) and pedicure- aaaah!

then a visit with Grandmother Bowen in Roswell.

Trip to Only Ewe and Cotton Two, and a note about this one: Elyse, who has only met me twice, and has exchanged two emails with me indicating she would set aside two balls of Lacey Lamb--knew me right off the bat and why I was there- wow- the wool is a beautiful shade of charcoal and I think this next SOTS will knit up beautiful.

Elyse also gave me the discount that she was going to be offering next week, so the yarn cost me .41 since I had a gift certificate- thanks mom! Now how's that for service. Oh yeah, I got a gift card from Mom for ATL, and got a cardigan, sweater, l-s T, and a pair of cords for $12.50! Yea keep those gift cards coming-

Now for my most unusual Christmas gift, not something I would have asked for, but considering Steve pulled through at Knitch I'm totally okay with this

- I got a:

yes, your eyes are not deceiving you it's a faucet, and I think a very cool looking one at that- this is for the powder room as the one we have makes a horrid noise that Steve can't seem to repair- love it!

Here's more photos from the last few days.

I said nutshell, but I didn't say how BIG it was going to be!

The soldiers who are willing to serve even though they are away from their families during the holidays


mary said...

all sounds wonderful! can't wait to see y'all saturday!

Donna said...

Okay, you are the blogging queen! This is all new to me. I need to get some tips from you. I dont know how to add pictures in my blog. Very neat site!