Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spill it . .

This is inspired by a much earlier post by Mary, and by a recent forum discussion on Ravelry, about what is in your bag (purse), and in this case your knitting bag . . . so here's mine:

I've got several dpns, see my new rosewood one's in the lavendar pack! I've got a finished child sock, and a finished adult sock, a partial finished 2nd sock to the adult sock. Pink yarn for the next pair of baby socks, a retractable tape measure, my "spicy" sock yarn that is cast onto 2 circular needles, reading classes, the in progress swatch for the sotsii, a Tupperware spice container that holds my T-pins and darning needles, stitch holders, a pen, stitch markers, Xerox copies of instructions- think that's it. I have several bags that become my knitting bags, this one is lavender toile with my initials on it. It has handles long enough to go over the shoulders for easy handling on the bus (gotta get back to riding it again), and is still small enough to go inside my larger tote bag that I carry to work. What's in your bag?

PS here's a photo of the first 17 rows of the Victorial Lace, I'm loving this yarn (and needles) for lace, very easy to work with, so far!


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