Monday, December 31, 2007

Another day of Christmas

Our family gift exchange was great, thanks to Sara (who got me!) I got a new VB bag for my dpns, a Diana Krall CD, and a new Barefoot Contessa cookbook. I look forward to swapping cooking experiences with her, the recipes look yummy! We had some wonderful snacks (almost all new concoctions), and great wine, and of course a great time. Mary did a great job with her photos, so I'm glad to tag onto her posting, takes a bit of work out of the recap. I've done my first mosaic, thanks again Mary!
This gathering has become a highlight of the Christmas season, especially when we don't deviate from the list! I hope even as the grandkids grow up, we will be able to stick with this tradition, and who knows, maybe include their kids as well-but NO time soon.
Look forward to some musings and ponderings for the new year tomorrow, hope to make 2008 fun filled, thought provoking, and totally memorable. One thing I have learned from blogging is that not everything has to be elaborate and over the top to fuse into a memory. Some of the most simple things such as a photo of a favorite flower, or a bird in a tree can bring back very fond memories, and keeping only positive things in the posts (a bit of a challenge at times!) Especially if you can share the memories with family or friends (like with a blog!)
Learning new skills this year (knitting & some computer software)
Seeing things through "new" eyes (blogging)

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mary said...

love the ideas about simpler sometimes being fine...maybe even better. have you thought about picking a word for 2008 (a la ali edwards and her one-word projects)? happy new year!