Tuesday, January 1, 2008

it's all about 2008

because this will be a big year for me (I'll turn 40 in 224 days-- now I've said it-- will probably need to repeat it several times, but oh well!) so everything will be about 2008, and "do something great" rhymes, but whether I'll do anything great is probably unlikely, but maybe I can do some random things that may make someone else feel great-that's doable.

Mary asked if I had come up with a theme word for the year inspired by Ali Edwards. I'll have to think on that one- perhaps "grow", "reflect", it should probably be "slow down". I'll give myself until the weekend to decide.

Of course New Year's Day is the time to make resolutions, and I usually keep the one's I make, this year they are a bit more "categorical"

Life goals:

take delight in the joys of others (even if they don't make sense to me)
participate more in the boy's life experiences (rather than be a spectator)
notice the needs of others and take action
be more family focused

Knitting goals:

♥give 3 knitting gifts (non-birthday, and non-holiday)
♥patterned socks
♥lace knitting in it's various forms (and textures)
♥challenge myself
♥do more for charity
♥reduce my stash!

Other goals:

watch the birds (more)
learn to quilt
maintain current level of fitness-improve endurance
maintain good health
love the (seemingly) unlovable
take better pictures for the blog
skip through most of my days, rather than run
strive always to improve myself and learn
entertain in my home more often keeping in mind that a cup of coffee is just as inviting to a friend or neighbor, as a gourmet meal.
simply say "thank you" when given a compliment
get to know my neighbors better

This time of year is also a time to reflect on what the previous year has been like so. . .

learned how to knit socks, lace, and use beads
learned to blog-taught me a new way to "look at " and "listen to" what's around me
kept my resolution to speak to a certain (not family) person everyday-regardless of what grunt or response I received
maintained my weight and good health
said "no" to additional responsibilities and projects (non-work related)
finally feel really "settled" in our home

I guess that's about it, so here's to wishing you and yours a very happy, prosperous, productive and joyful New Year! Maybe YOU can do something great in 2008?!


mary said...

seems like you have a *great* plan for the year. looking forward to sharing it with you - learning new things together and treasuring family who are friends...

Nautical Knitter said...

Turning 40 is a breeze! It allowed me to stop trying to impress others and begin living for myself. When you are younger you are always trying to dress up, style your hair differently, etc. Now that I turned 40 I have learned (finally) that I can be comfortable with who I am. Congratulations on making it this far. LOL