Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All boxed up . . .

as promised, here's the dish on my Memory boxes. I've been doing this for about 5 years (consistently that is, I had to get caught up so there are a few boxes that are multi year)
I used to throw away cards, movie tickets, and other "mementos" that as teenagers we probably saved like they were gold. Then I read the Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood. the scenes where the daughter is looking through the scrapbook changed my whole perspective on what to "save", now I save programs from concerts, movie tickets, balloons, and other momentos that don't fit neatly into a photo scrapbook, yea I know I could xerox and color copy stuff, but there's a certain something about actually holding a memory.

totally love my box I found for 2008, which is one of Mary's favorite phrases . . .

and the first few things that go into it for 2008 is wonderful letter that Mary sent through snail mail, thanks Mary some very kinds words indeed, and loved getting a letter this way! It included a photo of Katie and I from Christmas. . . thinking that'll go in a frame for my desk, now I just need photos of the other "girls" in my life- maybe at next dinner?!

So here's alll the memory boxes . . .

one of my many sourveniers from the book signing at the Margaret Mitchell House-

in another box there's a newspaper article about the teenager in our church who was seriously injured in a car accident, and made a remarkable recovery. my program from the Nutcracker Ballet at the Fabulous Fox! 2nd row center seats- awesome!

more bits, buttons made from the baseball pictures (PJ and Andrew) a "flower" made by Andrew, and on and on.

grant it these are things that "I" treasure, but I hope at some point the boys will pull things out, and remember some of the things we did together, and perhaps get a better glimpse of the "person" i was, wouldn't it be cool to share these with my grandchildren?! here's the lyrics to a funny song that goes along with this, sort of, it's about boys finding a box of photos of their mama in her "younger" days! thanks for letting me share!

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mary said...

this is just beautiful - thank you for sharing (and I'm so happy I was able to get your year off to a memorable start!)...I've never liked keeping "stuff" - but your way of putting them into boxes doesn't make it near so "stuff"-like. I might have to try it.