Monday, January 14, 2008

Patriotism not politics

this will be a long rambling, but it's my blog, and sometimes you just need to say it-

i consider myself pretty patriotic, maybe not to the same extent as some, but nonetheless, i'm one who can't sing the national anthem at ball games because i start tearing up, and i want to smack the guys who refuse to remove their hats, and please don't play taps, as that really starts the water going- all that to say regardless of your politics and your voting preferences, or how you feel about "the war", when it comes to our military they deserve nothing but our support and a hearty thank you, grant it there are some "bad apples", but that can be said about any profession or group, and hey, we live in a country where we can say just about anything we want about the government, and get away with it- so this diatribe leads me to the reason for this post. . .

an email went out from a neighbor informing us of a send off celebration for a marine being deployed, and we were invited to watch-thought it would be pretty cool since the escorting was being provided by the Patriot Guard Riders (motorcycles)♥, so Thursday evening i was thinking about this, and was glad that my saturday was open so i could see this, i do love a cool motorcycle! . .

so while thinking about this marine who was heading out, i recalled a college class i took "history of the war in vietnam", and the paper i wrote- PTSD in Vietnam Nurses, this paper required us to use primary sources, and i remember being up late reading one autobiography and the nurse talked about her treatment when she returned, people spitting on her in the airport, calling her a baby killer, etc., you've heard the stories, i spent most of my time bawling while i read the book, so this recall got me all teary eyed again,

then i watched some of , Heartbreak Ridge featuring my favorite action "hero", Clint Eastwood, in this he portrays a hard core, God-Corps-Country, semper fi (always faithful), rip your head off and spit down your neck, I'll make a man out of you, gunnery sergeant- go Clint! Love this movie, he tells the men that he is supposed to train them to survive, and to make sure they come out alive! isn't that what we wish for the folks heading "over there?" so start to feel okay, a bit pumped up even, i'm sure we've got some clint types watching our boys and girls, right?

and i thought i was finally doing okay, with whole thing until friday morning on my way to work, i'm sitting at the stop light, it's still dark, and right in front of me is this huge American flag, with the spot light on it, gently blowing in the breeze, and then Tim McGraw's ,If you're Reading This -comes on the radio-- it was all i could do to keep from being a mascara mess before it get to the bus stop-wow emotions are running high now,

then saturday comes along, and it's another emotional experience. seeing the marine standing tall and proud with his wife and daughter, other folks coming out to support him, people who don't even know him! most of the Patriot Guard Riders are war vets themselves, one member had lost her son "over there", and some have family currently serving- but the biggest thing was- they were showing their support- not for the war, but for the men and women who are serving and have served- here are some scenes from Saturday's escorting Patriot Guard Riders - the motorcycles were totally cool!!! this was one of the best things i've ever been a part of- and silly me thought if i waited to do the post, the emotional part would be easier,

then i looked at the link on this email that came from a friend, and it all came back- my heart always constricts when i seem these men and women at the airport getting ready to head out-

soooo, i guess the bottom line is, like the video clip says, say a simply thank you when you see some in uniform it's the least you can do-

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Lynette said...

Love this!

I can identify with so much you put in this blog entry. God bless the USA and the men and women who serve.