Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun and games . . .

fun times this week, and some productivity thrown in for good measure- always leaves me with a good feeling!

Got a much needed haircut, here's a great picture of Robin, not so great of me, but the hair looks good! Love this place de Spa on 6th street, close enough that i can get a haircut on my lunch hour, and still have time for a quick bite- how cool is that- we discussed doing some coppery highlights that are a bit more concealed than regular highlights- must consider this for the spring/summer season!

friday night: choir post-Christmas, pot luck dinner and games- total fun,
here's a glimpse, i didn't play any games,

but i knitted and finished mom's socks-

saturday- patriot guard riders- this was an awesome event more later

sunday-theatre in the square (marietta) Room Service, this was fun because it was the DBE/Lions and Eagles group, but the play was just "okay", great actors with a mediocre script.

put away all the C.mas ornaments and packed away the trees- although i didn't get the "warehouse" fully organized the way i'd like-that will be one of those things that will be done sooner or later, but at least i don't have to look at it!

nearly done with spicy sock #1-- jury is still out about using 2 circular needles. i like doing the pattern portion on 1 circular, so think next go around i'll do a combination of 2 dpn and 1 circular when it comes to the gusset shaping, don't know if all the switchero will be worth it or not, but i will definitely give a report. ♥

♥memory box and PGR post to follow:

thoughts of spring
fresh coffee

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mary said...

love the new do - all looks like very much fun - and love the knitting! (bigger pics?)