Thursday, January 10, 2008


personally i like a strict (fairly) routine ; not because i'm overly anal (which i can be) but because it keeps me on track and level (balanced) which provides me with a calm existence. also by sticking with a routine i can finish my "chores" as planned, and then i can reward myself with small things, like sleeping an extra 45 minutes on Friday morning, taking an hour or so at Starbucks to relax, knit, or read, or watch a TV show.
some of my routine requirements include: exercise Saturday-Thursday, getting the grocery shopping and my laundry done by Thursday, and cleaning the house on Wednesday. if i do all this then the goal is that i'll have the weekend to do some fun things.


since i've met the above requirements the goals for this weekend include completing the WOC scrapbook, going to the theatre with Mom and the DBE/Lions & Eagles group, watching the Patriot Guard Patrol come through our neighborhood (a post on this later), and putting away the Christmas stuff, and a party Friday night-hope to finish Mom's shawl, I've run into a HUGE glitch, and can't seem to figure it out, and i really don't want to rip it out.

since i've ridden the bus for most of the week, i'm nearly done with Mom's socks- just in time for warm weather, how about that! i'm making headway on my Spicy socks, except at lunch i dropped a stitch or something, so i'm having to rip back on that, and with the 12 row pattern, not sure if i'll be able to get back on track with that- ugh!

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rain and the forecast of rain
getting to go to NY next month

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mary said...

hear ya! routines feel more "comfort"-able to me...something about knowing that if I do this, then I do that, then that other thing...just seems to fit . good luck with the knitting - hope it's not too much frogging! (and happy weekend!)