Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day with the Dude

Today was full of "must-dos", and what started out as a list of just a couple stops turned out to be tons- what else is new. Here he is at Target's (Mom you look like a tourist- like I care!),

PJ needed bedding for his new bed so that was the main goal, and since he's not too picky we found the black comforter in like no time, did some other stuff, and then had a sit down lunch at Henry's, (check out his website, cool music and photos)

PJ had two restaurant choices, and if he wanted something else, he'd have to submit a list of places that had a wine list. He made a good choice-I tried the Camelot Merlot- delish!

and his catfish po'boy, yes, that's a lot of food, and he left part of the bread and some of the fries- yummy good,
and some kind soul who saw us struggling with the long arm shot took our picture!

We enjoyed the day together, and I think PJ got a glimpse of the other kind of "work" adults have to do on the weekends, and why we often just want to veg!

Another stop was at Total Wine, a huge, I mean HUGE wine and spirits store on Barrett Parkway, I loaded up my wine fridge with a variety of new wines. I also found the Merlot I had at lunch, and was happy to see it so reasonby priced, less than $7, but it cost me $5 per glass? what's up with that Henry? I only made it through about a quarter of the store- can't wait to go back. I left PJ in the car with his MP3, and the conversation was a bit like this-

Mom- I'm leaving the key in the car with you, don't let anyone get you-
PJ- okay
Mom- if anyone tries to steal the Tahoe, let them have it, but be sure to take the Longaberger basket and rescue the knitting!
PJ- got it I think there was a salute in there somewhere as well!

I got some lovely double sided paper at Michael's and some embellishments that were on clearance. On the home front I did manage to get the Christmas decor (not the tree stuff) down into the basement to be sorted and put away, and got the drafting table cleared up so I can do some cards on Sunday. Figured I'd get the C.mas stuff in it's proper place soon enough, at least it's corralled in the "warehouse". Looking forward to some down time tomorrow before another week at work!


a short work week

heat at home- since I don't have any at work near my desk- something's gotta give
time with PJ

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mary said...

what a great day! can't wait to see cards from today!