Friday, January 4, 2008

K1, P2, K2tog, YO, SKP

trying to make headway on the various WIPs, while trying to convince myself not to buy more sock yarn, or cast on another project. It's really difficult with the yarn thing 'cause when I read other blogs, they show their treasures, and I begin to covet them-must remain CALM, and go hug my stash! Here's some updates and few photos for now:

Jean's shawl, (the photo is old) one more row, then the lace edging, and blocking. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but was never able to make progress on it at work, so I brought it home to work on over the holidays, and shebang, I'm on a roll. It's not going to be as long as I'd like since I was limited to the 3 skeins of Noro that Mom brought me from England. It will keep her warm though- that's the key

Moss (Jo Sharp), haven't touched since November, will start again once the above mentioned is finished.

Swatch completed for the SOTSii, think I'm hooked on the Lacey Lamb, and will need some in a palest pink around June for a Secret Sister Christmas gift, let me know if anyone finds any, will probably need 3-4 balls.

Victorian Lace- coming along, nearly to the point where I'll have to pick up stitches from the side, and continue in another direction- egads!

"Spicy" socks on 2 circ. needles-after realizing that the design pattern I had picked out is not evenly distributed over 48 sts, have frogged back to the ribbing- details, details should've read the handy notes in the book before hand-no?!

Isabelle's socks-finished one variegated sock, and have not cast on the other yet, soon though, these are a tad big so she can't wear them now anyway!

Jean's sock- finished 1st one, and am nearly done with the leg of #2

I think that's everything, unless I unearth something I've left in another part of the house! I'll be storing and sorting Christmas decor this weekend, and tidying up my craft area so I can get to making cards.

I plan to use the "nymph" colorway from Lotus Yarns, need to wind it first, for when I teach my sock knitting class for the ladies at church in February- have 2 students so far, one is Mom.


Lynette said...

Hey Lydia! Jean's yarn is beautiful and I love the sock yarn!

mary said...

wow - that's a lot going on - and makes me feel better about my own wips (I have 3 - but one is the sots, so maybe that counts for 9?!) have fun un-decorating. I always love "getting my house back to normal" - especially before we get back to the routine of school and work next week. happy saturday!