Friday, January 18, 2008

it wasn't on the list

on friday, i made a complete list of what "had" to be done over the 3 day weekend, so like me, this list included chores, errands, and projects that i really wanted to complete, i did not read any blogs or post to my own, because it wasn't on THE LIST I did check Mary's, 'cause i wanted to make sure she got to HHI okay. . .

sooo with the exception of the knitting group being cancelled due to weather and Gina being under the weather, i am please to report that everything got ticked off. i knew that this week would be hectic and that i'd only have tiny chunks of time to manage much beyond sleeping, eating and exercise, so i used my time off wisely. i do have a couple straggler things, but nothing that can't be done between bites of dinner!

we had a smashing good time at the Maile's party to celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau.

lots of wonderful nibbles, and many bottles of beajolais nouveau! and even better we only had to walk across the street, always a good thing!

Amy, Steve and Barry- i know blurry, but don't you get a warm fuzzy feeling?!

saturday was neat, i had a few "must-do" errands, and managed to get them all finished despite the snow that was falling, even went to the grocery store for a very few items-it was hysterical watching folks load up their carts- grabbing the last whatever, i should have taken a photo of the empty milk case- of course i find it all ridiculously funny because i'd already done "that" shopping on wedneday!

enjoyed watching the snow continue to fall while i did tons of cooking-managed to get a few things done ahead for this week's dinners, and made an extra pot of soup for our sunday school teacher and his wife, she broke her foot a couple weeks ago :-(.

will deliver that along with some bread and salad tonight. made some birthday cards, and put all the christmas decor boxes up where they needed to go- still need to get a better handle on this, but figure i can do that when the weather is nasty, and i got nothing else to do!

a couple of the things i really wanted to accomplish included these two knitting projects:

clue #1 for the sotsii, this represents about 6 hours of knitting or approx $90 in labor and multiply that by 9 clues-$1620, plus time for re-dos,

that's one expensive stole! i love it, the pattern at least began much easier than the sotsi, and the yarn is divine! and the carpet was perfect for laying this thing out- must remember for next time!

also finished Mom's shawl,

her Christmas gift, just a tad late, i plan to do one in taupe for myself- love how it blocked out, this wool is very warm, so she'll enjoy having something to wrap around her shoulders. i'll post a photo of her wearing it another time

need to go on a sock knitting frenzy as i have lots of that yarn weight, and need to put it to use, although since i'm always cold at work, i just had a thought that i'd make myself some fingerless gloves so my hands will stay warm, and i can still type! maybe this weekend i'll go that . . .

there will be more- i promise, know it's hard to believe, but dinner, sewing projects, meetings, etc.!


mary said...

what a lovely weekend and the shawl for your mom is beautiful! maybe I need to plan a blog-free weekend myself to catch up on that quality time - great idea!

Lynette said...

The shawl is lovely!

You make me feel like a slug - you got so much accomplished. Maybe I need to recruit you to organize my life.