Friday, February 29, 2008

friday chillin'

my motto at work is "just because we're away from home doesn't mean we have to lower our standards", that's why i have my coffee pot ready to go when i get in, and we have another half pot at 2:00 sharp- folks set their watch by it literally!;

soooo since i gave up afternoon coffee for lent, i've substituted it for afternoon tea (british style-sometimes) anyway, all that to say that today, after a great lunch of pizza and salad with katie, i enjoyed my cuppa tea and a scone complete with blueberry preserves and homemade "clotted" cream( thanks to bonnie, and the barefoot contessa)- yum!

i was real tempted to put my feet up, but refrained! happy friday indeed!


Anonymous said...

what better way to spend a Friday afternoon better known as afternoon delight. Hope you enjoyed the scones, i sure did.Its great having good friends, you get all kinds of goodies. Enjoy the rest of your week-end. Cheers. Mum.

mary said...

yum! love the idea of an afternoon break! (and hope the meet-up with katie means you finally got the calendar?!)

Zulkijora said...

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Dumuro said...

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