Friday, March 14, 2008

plane knitting . . .

elvis and me, yes that's the name of a book-oh well!, plus tunes (michael buble crooning in my ear- sweet) and a great book (i only had a few pages to go, so i took a short break during the flight to finish)- my traveling companions (of course, steve was with me, and the seats on the plane were tiny, i don't think we've sat this close in a loooong time!)

the goal for the las vegas was to knit 1 sock with the elvis yarn, and if i wanted to get real ambitions, i'd wanted to start the second- of course, the 2nd sock hasn't materialized yet, but i did finish one- love the color way. is it just me, or is there a slight difference between how the yarn looks in the skein, and how it looks knitted up?

the pattern is from interweaves winter 2005, mona schmidt embossed leaves socks-love this pattern, and the fit is perfect.

during the conference i finished the leg on the 2nd nymph sock, and am nearly done with the gusset-this will be done by the weekend for sure. i'm really loving the flexibility of socks, they can go anywhere, AND no matter what pattern you use, the shaping and process are the same.

while we were in vegas i visited Gail Knits- here we are-

i was surprised to see the wools and other heavier yarns thought there would be more light weight stuff. i bought some pale green sock yarn, and some yarn for my "travel blanket". this place was definitely warm and fuzzy--tons of local ladies hanging out and having a great time- they even chatted with steve and i- fun!

it's always good to have goals, and the short term knitting ones have been met! yea, now i've set a few long term . . . sometimes planning is just as much fun, as the completed product, but the coupe de gras is when you can put that BIG check mark next to it! . . . so by May 1st i hope to . . .

♥ complete the mates for nymph, elvis, spicy, and isabelle's pink sock
♥ complete the sotsii; i'm about 43% done now
♥ complete blanket for newest baby at the office (this blanket is already late he was born 3/12)
♥ complete the Moss sweater- i'm ready to move onto another winter sweater this fall
if i get this stuff done, something out of Fitted Knits.

then i'll have nothing on my needles (gasp! i know) -

i believe these goals are reachable because i'll have 4 days in miami, and i plan to sequester myself when i'm not in class. also, when i'm at kecia's i'm sure i'll have some knitting time while i visit. so keep your fingers crossed for me.

spring/summer knitting plans:
sleeve-less shell (i've already done one in lavender-and it's a pretty easy knit)

1 or 2 lace stoles (secret sister gift definitely needs to be started)
socks, and socks! i've got to replace nearly every pair of winter shoes and a couple pieces in my wardrobe, so my wardrobe will be centered around the socks-

sounds like a good plan to me! Oh yea, here's my february quilt square, getting better, but still have a loooong way to go before i consider myself "good" at this- but am enjoying the colors and the fact that i'm challenging myself . .

also haven't done a gratitude in a while --
being able to take time off when sick without "worrying" (wednesday)
the chance to see new places (like vegas)
knowing my kids can do okay and can be trusted when i'm on the other side of the country
having a chance to "catch up" with my sister (in april)-i like the sound of that-hey i've got a sister!!!!


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mary said...

whew! you've been busy!!! and have ambitious goals (not that I would expect less :-) what about a sock "hop" for dillard? we need to collaborate on the "rules" but I'm loving what melanie (lotus knits) might produce for sock club yarn and among us we surely have patterns to spare/share? seems like lots of fun for all of us to knit the same thing (as long as it's a fun thing!)