Friday, March 14, 2008

las vegas revue

gotcha, this one is has nothing to do with show girls! a few questions asked by inquiring minds . .

who should go to vegas?: shopper, gamblers, and those who are not in a committed relationship of any kind.

would you go to vegas again?: only if someone else was paying for the trip, as was the case with this trip.

what is there to do in vegas, specifically in the "downtown" area?: not much except for shopping, eating, gambling, walk through gargantuan hotels, drinking, going to "shows".

how was the food in vegas?: caeser's palace lunch buffet: just above okay---dinner buffet at excalibur: awful, unless you like a morrison's cafeteria set up. room service at the westin: very good, as was the breakfast set up for the conference. steakhouse 46 at the flamingo hotel: very very very good- i guess i'm the kind of person who likes to know ahead of time what i'm eating and how it's prepared-that's why i really, really don't like buffets-DH and i completely disagree on food.

what did you do that you enjoyed?: saw an improv show featuring jim belushi's son (i'm sure he hates that!) at second city inside the flamingo, and the visit to gail knits.

overall it was a chance to see a city i had only heard about, a lot of the really good shows are very expensive- AND would you believe that the same bottled wine i can get at publix was 3 times the cost in vegas- no foolin'. . . anyway enjoy the photos- believe me, this was not new york! if you want to see more photos go here.


mary said...

aaahhh, but you've been - which is more than i can say! marc has told me many times that he's sure i'd hate vegas, and now that you've been (and shared about it!), i'm sure he's right!

Anonymous said...

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