Saturday, March 15, 2008

B is for . .

boleyn and blind- bare naked ambition! just returned from seeing the other boleyn girl--excellent. i, being a bit british and an amateur historian, never knew there was another boleyn girl until i read the book. this movie was dead on with the book, which is always a good thing, and unlike most recent movies about historical figures i don't think the book/movie exaggerates at all the historical facts as they are portrayed in the movie those being 1) it was definately a man's world 2) the good of the family came first and foremost-love forget it, advancement at all costs for yourself and your family 3) power corrupts and absolute power corrups absolutely. oh yea- it's good to be king

the movie is filled with court intrigue, deception, betrayal-and all that

costumes and setting- fabulous

the acting was pretty good as well-natalie portman is very convincing, and at the end i had very little pity for ann-- considering the hole that she dug herself into that she couldn't get out of- i think her only redemption might be good queen bess (the 1st that is!) God save the queen!!!!!

i'd also recommend gregory's book the queen's fool, i enjoyed it a lot. we don't see movies at the theatre often, but this was definately worth seeing on the big screen---- next movie to see made of honor, looks good.


mary said...

thanks for the review - i do want to see the movie, but sara wasn't interested.

LotusKnits said...

I can't wait to see this movie!!