Thursday, February 7, 2008

work week wind-down . .

work has been busy, busy, but not to the point that i've resorted to pulling my hairout-good thing ♥
looking forward to the weekend-

♥friday night- sock class #2 (Brenda's already ripped out and started over)
♥saturday morning-ride stationary bike i've done something to the ol' knees, so i've backed off the walking thing for awhile, and video
♥delivery of baby blankets and lunch with the "ladies"
♥sunday-bike again, typical church stuff, coffee fellowship, counting the offering-don't ask,
♥sunday afternoon- lunch with cindy-to finally exchange CHRISTMAS gifts, you'd think that i'd see someone who only lives 15 miles away a bit more often-unfortunately with different aged children, different interest, etc. that has been the case for the two of us, hopefully we can get more on track. when i was staying at home with the boys and going to school we were able to do more-oh well, part of growing up!
♥finalize plans for new york-itineraries, probably some packing, checking the weather- can't wait!
♥ hopefully i'll get clue #3 finished by sunday

Less fun things include- greeter name badges, HOA january financials, laundry, chauffering the boys back and forth, meals for while i'm gone, and ya' know i think that's it sssshhhhh. . . don't tell anyone!

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mary said...

sounds fab! and you know I can't wait for the NY reports so sara and I can plan our trip. (sorry about the knees, and so glad you have the good sense to bike til they feel better!) happy friday!