Tuesday, February 5, 2008

de'ja vu?

well not really, we did re-celebrate katie's birthday for her anyway . . . original plans were to have dinner and a drink- but life/school got in the way, so we met for coffee this morning- katie got up early and i went into work late-lucky for us school and work are very close by

here's katie with the birthday plate i plan to use at other birthday celebrations, complete with a candle and cupcake, say cheeese! doesn't she look fabulous at 7:30 am!

we only had about an hour and a half, but managed to talk about lots of stuff:
college guys-jobs-travels (where we've been, where we're going, where we'd love to go)-Mr. Legs va va voom!!!-photography (katie showed me how to do close-ups so the writing isn't blurred thank you!)- where Sara should go for college-apartments-atlanta traffic-parking on campus-priviledges of being "older"-voting-and tons more- a great way to start the day!

love the cup with Katie's name on it- very artsy!

thank you katie for spending some time with me

the opportunity to have a say in my government
chicks who are fun to be with

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mary said...

oh, that looks like so much fun - what a wonderful way to start the day!