Monday, February 4, 2008

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not much to blog about, i had a very short list of things i wanted to do, and this was really things i wanted to do rather than things that were "requirements"! nice change :-) my list is shown with my first purchase from knit picks, this is for a baby blanket that i had wanted to cast on, but didn't get to this weekend. a friend from church ordered some sock yarn from kp, and it's really nice- good to know there is less pricey alternative for yarn buying (without going to michael's or joanns)!

here's the first square for my quilt, don't laugh, there were some gliches, but this one will go towards the bottom where it doesn't stand out so much! kathy and i will go to the fabric store around the 26th to get the february square, so stay tuned . . .

got some birthday cards made, going for more paper and embelishments, thanks for the inspiration, Mary!

last up is clue #2, ran into a snafoo and had to undo several "good" rows, but got back on track and finished it about 44 hours late . . . hope to get clue #3 done a bit sooner.

mom and i had a fun time at debbie's "grandmother" shower, the usual suspects from church were there, and brunch was fab! deb's got lots of books and other fun (and useful) stuff for when she's taking care of isabelle, and lucky us, isabelle was there for us to admire- nearly done with her socks,

still working on untangling "nymph" :-( as long as it's done by next week, i'm okay, i want to take it with me to new york as my traveling sock project. the "elvis" yarn is going to vegas with me-very appropriate don't you think?


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mary said...

lovely updates all around! very impressed with your first quilting square and SotSii is coming along great.