Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, Karen

Yep, another birthday in the family-sister in law #2 (only because of birth order :-) ). So in keeping with tradition, a few things to thank Karen for-
♥(she and Ron) helping us move, lugging boxes, unpacking, moving stuff to the basement, getting us settled in- a lot of muscle was involved
♥being the Sheffield representative when my dad passed away-many many thanks
♥being there when I had my car accident, the meals, visits, and in general getting us through the whole thing.
Karen has shared her love of wine, food, books, gardening, classic movies and many other things with me. She's back into knitting, and is doing socks- way cool! She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, and has been known to play a couple innings of baseball when the kids were little (at Callaway Gardens). Being there to cheer for the boys at their baseball games. Sharing her daughters with me, NYC here we come! She has helped me understand the importance of family, and that turning 40-not so bad! Karen is very easy going, loves to laugh, not afraid to cry, shares in the joys, and is that strong shoulder to lean on, loves life and lives it to its fullest. I am fortunate to her in my life. She's very supportive, compassionate, genuine, hard working, fun-loving, smart, witty, creative and just a great person.

I hate to use the same words over and over, but I am very lucky to have the women in my life that I do, as we grow older, we have grown more together, and I think we learn more about each other as time goes by- I've come to realize their importance, and I need to take the time to let them know it.

so it's Karen's special day, so raise your cup o'joe, beer mug, or wine glass, whichever you have in your hand, and let's celebrate Karen on her special day!


karensheffield said...

Lydia - thank you so much!! I actually have coffee in my hand right now - as well as tears in my eyes!! thank you - love you!
-- Karen

mary said...

ah, very cool - sorry I missed this yesterday to leave comments karen might actually see - happy birthday sis!