Tuesday, January 29, 2008

new things

this year is all about "new things" which will bring "new" challenges as well
sooooo one of the new things was a service project at church we had over 30 ladies, young and old, got together to make fleece blankets for cobb pregnancy center, we made over 30 blankets which we'll deliver in a couple weeks. it was a lot of fun and easy- love that!

these blankets are made from fleece, and are very simple- square off the fabric, make fringe, and make a small hole and loop through- piece of cake! here's us are at work,

next i went with kathy to the red hen fabrics so i can get started with quilting like i need another hobby, when i saw the william morris print i was totally hooked, can't wait, so here's what i bought,

the wm fabric (at the top) will be for a quilt for the living room, the "fun with dick and jane" print remember those books?! for a special someone, and the kit for the january block for the block fo the month quilt (those are the thin strips), kathy has promised to guide me every step of the way-

here's Kathy and me! first less on was on monday, so hopefully by the weekend, i'll have a finished square to show you-

i'm excited about this new "hobby", and hope i can make quilts to pass along to those wonderful people in my life!, now if i could only find a hobby that i can do in my sleep . . .

also on the docket for this weekend is a "grandmother shower" for Debbie, who is celebrating with her daughter and son in law, the adoption of isabelle! i nearly have her socks done, but since i don't, she's getting these books, they are special to me and i hope they will become special to isabelle:

PJ got these books as a baby we still have them!
"goodnight moon" from Mary, "the very hungry caterpillar" a gift from steve's friends from college, and "good dog carl", marc got us hooked this series since once upon a time we had a rottweiler, so we always loved these books. always glad to pass the love of books onto others.

trying to finish up clue #2, and this is really easy, so far.

think i'm improving in the photography area, don't you agree?


opportunity to give back to the community

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mary said...

looks like fun and I love the fabrics you picked for quilting. can't wait to see more of your work. (hummm...as I type that, wonder if it would've been better to say "more of your play"?) and goodnight moon is still my baby gift of choice.