Friday, April 4, 2008

before i hit the road

well the count down is now 52 days, give or take. i've got some things marked off my list, and i have some things that are WIPs++, meaning they are in progress, but waaay into progress . . i've learned that if i keep my work space neat and clean up immediately, i'm more productive. here's a photo of some totally done things, book read-loved it- march quilt square done, and a few pinwheel squares for the WM quilt. got most of the photos scanned and sorted for kecia and david. made a couple books (glad i saved the very heavy cardboard from my creative memories purchases, these make great book covers, but very difficult to cut). WOC scrapbook up to date, but will be a WIP all year. also created a wine journal of sorts from the wine spectator magazine's suggested best buys and best values.

the 2 soccer games over the weekend were very cold, windy, and one very rainy and late- hoping for no more like that! gotta get packed and ready for relaxing and training and more knitting. despite the long list of "must-do" we took time out for a thrasher's game, we got free tickets and made a last minute ditch of responsibilities, took my knitting along for those "down" moments, we had a great family outing.

i won't be around much until probably this time next week, no laptop, wireless, etc. so enjoy your week, and whatever plans you have . . .ttfn


mary said...

safe travels - we need to make a date to catch up (for wine, knitting a good long talk!)

Anonymous said...