Friday, April 11, 2008

catching up . .

had an absolutely fabulous time with my sister last week. the weekend was filled with "who knew", "ya'll are definitely related", and "this must be your sister". the location was superb for a chance to get to know each other --no distractions-just time together. charles was a gem by keeping the conversation going and being so supportive of our time together that's charles bennett of bennett landscaping (it told him i'd give his company a bit of advertising-he does beautiful work). i got to meet several friends and other local folks, and we're planning another visit as soon as "summer begins"!

we found that we had so much in common, i won't bore you with them here, but it would make for fun conversation over a glass of wine♥ the boys enjoyed hanging with john, and we got to spend some time with jessica between her job and other commitments. you can tell from the photos at the end that it really was a perfect weekend. charles has promised to set aside a patch of the mountain for "the sheffields"--- enjoy the pix view from the front porch, us and the kids,
kecia and i--

charles and kecia


Anonymous said...

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Lynette said...

I didn't know you had a sister. Lucky you! What a great view from the mountain. Glad you had such a good time, but welcome home.

mary said...

welcome home - can't wait to hear all the details!