Sunday, April 13, 2008

25 degrees of separation

Miami Mosaic
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that describes the temp. between atlanta and miami when i left on monday. how do you pack for that? luckily when i came back the weather in atlanta had improved. miami was a great time of rest, and i really did sit in my room and knit for hours and watch episode after episode of "law and order", and a couple of "monk".

the training was excellent, and was glad to see great improvements with the web based performance mgmt system we use. i didn't knit during the training, but i did manage to write-then type the notes for our personnel training we're conducting at the end of the month-had to do something during the lag time!! our training finished earlier than expected, so i spent about 4 hours near the pool-a shady spot all to myself! knitting on the moss sweater. i would have sat in the sun, but i didn't think to bring shorts with me, and the jeans were a bit warm! the hotel location was nowhere near the beach or any other hot spots- but the peace and quiet- well there's nothing like it!

i also managed to start and finish a sock for my "plane knitting", photo of that on the update posting. somehow my 2 1/2 sock mates to finish have increased to 3 mates even though i finished the 1/2- is this some kind of new math?!

on wednesday i had a wonderful meal at chispa- stone cellars pinot grigio (yum), chorizo and shrimp quesadilla, spinach salad, bread with this fabulous bean/veggie spread, and caramelized bread pudding with vanilla ice cream- okay i had to take the salad back with me, and i left half of the pudding (ate all the ice cream :-)), but it was all soooo good, i want the recipe for the quesadilla and bean spread- i may be a copy-cat of mary in asking for it from bon appetit. i ate here last year, and just fell in love with the food and atmosphere, AND it's right next door to the hotel-very convenient. i snapped a couple photos while i was there and notice the liquor lockers-then i overheard the manager explain to a new hire that people pay for these, and they have an engraved name plate put on them, and they can keep their "stuff" in there for when they dine at the restaurant- check out this name- there's only one person i know of that has that name- looked like his locker was empty!

the descent into atlanta was-well, let's just say, it was a scene right out of a movie- don't know what the pilot was thinking or doing-friday gave me the chance to get caught up on some stuff, shopping with the boys, more knitting, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. now monday is around the corner-uhhh, don't know if i'm ready!

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mary said...

welcome home! sounds like a great trip. (and looks like it will be more than 25 degrees of separation today!)