Tuesday, April 15, 2008

progress report

42 days left if you're keeping track, and i feel pretty good about what i've gotten done so far, especially in the crafting arena. the moss sweater groweth, thanks to about 6 hours last wednesday (sitting pool side and in my room).

completed clues 5&6 of sotsii, hope to start on 7 this weekend, but it's not looking good for the crafting team. this is how it will look when it's worn, the little "bump" at the bottom was an odd addition.

have completed what i can of the wm quilt top. on the 27th kathy and i will get our april square materials, and have a big girl lunch! and i will get what i need for the wm quilt top, the photo isn't the best, but essentially what i have to do now is get enough material to fill the "carpet spots" that you see, any suggestions on a different placement? not sure if the way i have it is the way i'll go with it. plan to leave it on the carpet and have a look at it between now and the 27th. it's not perfectly aligned as my squares are not the exact same size, i'll be relying on kathy to help with this.

isabelle has her socks

-and then i started this pair so i'd have some plane knitting, love the colorway and it's a simple 1x1 ribbing --this yarn was bought in cleveland at Fine Points

have done some other "non-crafting" bits that are on the "to do" list, so i haven't started stressing, yet! the new maisie dobbs book is good!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

mary said...

you GO girl!