Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sisterhood of the sock or ..

close encounters of the knitting thing-----great title for a Lifetime movie or beach reading material- wonder if Sara would be willing to? . . okay, back to the point. for the record, i really love being treated by nurses, i have a wonderful group of nurse/friends at church who are so there for you, and my youngest was delivered by a nurse mid-wife- they are just good people for sure- anyway here's the scene- i'm at the ob/gyn today, sitting on the table wearing a skirt, hose, shoes and a paper top- okayyy maybe the imagery is a bit much, but i'm knitting, 'cause who really know's how long i'll be in this condition, when CPN BS comes in-

CPNBS: oooh what are you knitting
ME: a sock (i had just started the cuff of sock #3's mate)
CPNBS: i'm a knitter too, that's why i asked; i have a very shameful stash of sock yarn
ME: i don't think there is such a thing
CPNBS: oh yea, i bought up a ton from a lady in atlanta whose house was overrun with yarn, and she was selling some of it off . . . the conversation continued with talk of knitpicks, the yarn harlot, kids going to very cold states for college and needing wool sweaters, but cheap wool in case they don't take care of it, and a very seasoned knitter co-worker who is "afraid" to try sock- we both agree she should go for it already!

knitters are EVERYWHERE! what fun, i'd definitely trust my body to this woman anyday- how could you not?!
that was my afternoon, how was yours?


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

Awwww...thanks for the nice things you said about nurses.
Knitting at a GYN appointment? On the table? In a paper gown thingy?? Too funny! :-)

mary said...

oh - huge smile (alright, an outright laugh!) - great images - love it!

Anonymous said...

would loved to have been there.Have had some interesting conversations about knitting in the docs offices.even with the docs them selfs. Cheers mum.