Tuesday, April 22, 2008

make mine a double . .

a double whoo hooo, double arm pump, yea baby, whatever. i've got two things i'm very proud of- somewhat disjointed, but that seems to be the norm these days . . .

the photo shows things i'm very proud of right now. . . yes that's the william morris quilt top- finished!!!!

and ahead of schedule, i'll be getting the batting, and the back piece this weekend, and hopefully there will be only one seam to make the back big enough to accommodate the quilt top, plans are to do the hand quilting at Dillard--this will give me something to work on while hanging with the family . .

the other thing is the print in the background- you can't read the writing, but it says" so much to be proud of . . so much to look forward to". mary gave this to me when i graduated with my teaching degree, and until now it never really had it's own special spot. now it's on my desk where i can see it everyday. it reminds me of how proud i am for earning both of my college degrees, and how supportive my family was during that time.

there is also one of my favorite photos of the boys i took on the campus of ksu about 6 years ago. so i guess that makes 3 or 4 things?! and if you didn't figure it out the clock features a william morris design that is also in the quilt.


mary said...

way to go! can't wait to see that quilt!

mary said...

...2nd comment of the day! so - reading your to-do list and wondering if you might want some help with restocking the wine fridge? like maybe give me a few of your favorite wines and a budget and I can surprise you with a case?