Saturday, April 26, 2008

in the now-

..somethings i'm really liking about "now", at the time of this photo (friday)

i was enjoying the gorgeous weather at lunch while working on the elvis sock-

other stuff i'm liking is the teenage years, okayyy i'm stretching it a bit, but it was cool with pj in the basement with some friends working on music for a video they are doing for church- liking having a space for them to "go-to", liking knowing who my kids are with and what they are doing- goodness knows i could hear everything--amps guitars, and keyboard-but also laughter and the music they were creating.

also liking that andrew was at soccer and doing his own thing-

liking the greatest compliment from a 20 something in my office last week-something to do with hoping to look as great when i'm at your age gotta totally ♥ that!

1 comment:

mary said...

great post and yes, a wonderful compliment! (and I'm sure you've said, but please remind me - what pattern are you doing for the elvis socks? they're looking nearly done!)