Thursday, May 1, 2008

so much knitting, so little time

i love the venezia pullover in the Interweave Knits Winter 06 so much that i bought the back issue --

and have been scouring the universe for the yarn. originally i though the sweater was a bit of a stretch as i was guessing the cost for the yarn at about $200, but upon further research, alas i think i can get my grubby hands on the called for wool for less than $100. although to make matters worse this issue packed with other goodies to knit like the cardigan for arwen, nantucket jacket, the cowgirl slipper socks, the adorable tweed beret, oh la la, and a definate this for my secret sister.
got some good feedback from people on ravelry-love that website-regarding yarn substitution, so my question to YOU is, do i substitute for something less expensive, or do i hunt down the proper ingredients, and GO FOR IT!, i think i already know the answer . . and BTW have you seen the summer IK, please someone stop me now!!!!!

happy knitting to you and yours


mary said...

not patient enough to do the research to know the recommended yarn, but if there are good - QUALITY - substitutes, by all means, go for it. never never substitute sub-standard yarn - your time is worth too much!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pattern! You can get all the original yarn as a kit from Not horribly expensive, either. Garn Boet adjusted the pattern to have a v neck. Directions at