Friday, May 2, 2008

a very happy day

Happy birthday to you, PJ, you've come a long way from your beginnings as a 3.15 # preemie! here are some party highlights- the evening was complete with pizza, friends, cupcakes and gifts!

thanks to brenden, ryan, johnnie, mike, christopher, mom, dad, andrew and nana for making the day very special . .

a new tradition, bought this small plate for the birthday boy/girl to have their treat on . .


mary said...

happy happy (belated, sorry!) birthday, pj!! looking forward to celebrating when we see you memorial day weekend!

Anonymous said...

We were thinking about P.J. yesterday--15 and ready to get a learner's permit. Are you & Steve ready for this? Looks like he had a fun party. Is that really a can of spam in the gift photo?