Sunday, May 4, 2008

weekend in pictures

a very busy weekend, but expected- here's a pictorial overview:

saturday soccer::me with coffee, knitting, --after a brief rain delay- i decided to stay in the tahoe and watch the rest of the game-
they lost :-( ---ever; i did finish these socks, thinking i started from the wrong end of the ball when i started the second sock!!!! but love them, they will be very warm this winter - also managed a youth group family picnic- burgers on the grill- yum- no photos though---

our celebratory flowers: b.days and anniversary these were at the alter for today's church service- truly beautiful
mural dedication at andrew's school- great history depicted here, and andrew was a participant in it's completion- ask me, i'll give you the details
here's the other lydia in our life- her family was part of the dedication, and they are also a part of our church family.
steve and i at our anniversary dinner at macaroni grill, one of the few times we have actually had dinner on our anniversay-

finally- this is what happens when you pull too tight- yes, as i was blocking the stole and resounding "snap", and this is what i ended up with, i managed to get the stiches onto stitch holders and a dpn, so i'll see how i can fix these last couple inches- dangit! i did finish when i had planned- oh well i guess that's part of the process.

a busy, but very nice weekend, our may is soooo busy it was nice to be able to enjoy this year's celebrations . . .

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mary said...

thanks so much for sharing all of this! HUGE congrats on the anniversary...and oh my about the stole - you seem pretty calm about it, but maybe the blog doesn't do complete utter frustration as well as you can in person? looking forward to friday!