Tuesday, May 6, 2008

down to the wire...

feeling the time crunch now, but here's what HAS to be done by 9:00 pm on Saturday:

SS lesson- nearly done, a few more images and commentary (will probably take to the soccer tournament on saturday)
Dinner with Mary- see not all work!
3 more exercise days
1 evening meeting
2 soccer practices
1 full day of soccer
complete sotsii repair
cook 2 more meals for the week
1 orthodontist appt
1 trip to the post office
1 trip to the grocery store
house cleaning-it's an easy week
folding and prepping 200+ newsletters for bulk mailing (by Thursday)
i think that's it, at least i hope that's it!!! Then i'll have to dive into preparations for mom's party, and 3 birthdays- yikes.

now some comments to comments left on a previous posts:

Polly- yes that is a can of spam-- long story, but considering that the UK was under rations until 1954- nearly mom's entire formative years- should be no surprise-
PJ- learning to drive, am i ready? one the one hand i'm thrilled for him, i remember what it was like and getting that license was a major milestone- on the other hand i'm terrified- i see how folks drive- very scary.
Mary- oh i said at least one expletive when it did it, and then i yelled at mom, had to apologize, as i wasn't yelling AT her, but rather yelling in general! then i was angry at myself for being so stupid, then i thought about how i was going to fix it, by sunday after it had dried, i put the live stitches on a dpn and 2 stch holders, and since then have figured out how i can fix it, may not be to it's original state, but hopefully you won't be able to tell, so by the time i did the post i had calmed down alot!

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