Wednesday, May 28, 2008

dillard 2008

mary did such a great job posting about dillard house, that i'm just going to do a few photos of other stuff we did.

wooly friends-sheep, alpacas and goats- yes it's like yarn in the buff

cows along the trail
beautiful morning for a ride on horseback

me on tonto, and pj on maverick

end of the long and dusty trail that took us across the river and back, through beautiful meadows- total fun!

tallulah gorge on tuesday, very beautiful, we walked about 1.5 of the 2 miles (i think) - we didn't do the whole loop, but it was a gorgeous day to be outdoors, mastered most of the 1000+ steps, and walked across the suspension bridge- and my knees felt it when we were done. ate at reba's grill and buffet in hollywood definitely a "locals" place, pretty good basic food-then headed home- unpacked and got ready for the work week.

zombie socks (pattern by Sheryl Ball) and my own rocker pose for the camera- sock #1 done!

thanks for a great holiday weekend- polly, roy, mary, sara, karen, ron, paula, jillian, and my boys- everyone got to do pretty much what they wanted, but we still did stuff together

ps- look forward to more antiquing with mary and polly next time

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