Thursday, May 29, 2008


startitis is considered contagious and with ravelry and other knitting blogs it's probably more like an epidemic! however, i have a new word for knitters- finishitis - this too could be equally contagious. finishitis is when you are frantic to get things off your needles--the symptoms may include things like: ignoring your family's need to be fed because you need to finish one more row! you schedule your day around your knitting time, you're giddy when you find out you'll have to spend hours waiting at the doctor's office or at the airport--you're tempted to take the knitting into the um- restroom-just kidding about that one.

NONETHELESS that's where i'm at now... still plugging along with the moss sweater, and 2 sock mates-seems like i can't shake that one, and a baby blanket-i also have a bad case of startitis: the tween green cardi, another pair of socks :-), the lace scarf for my secret sister, 2 more baby blankets for my co-workers, christmas gifts (it is around the corner and ready to pounce- you know it's true), and knitting for our busy hands ministry which i have yet to contribute! this is just the knitting, i'm not factoring in the quilting projects i want to get done- oy!
let me know if you've got it too. . .

is there a cure, no, and i don't think we really want one, now do we?!

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