Monday, June 2, 2008

diggin' the weekend

saturday started out with some homemade blueberry muffins- yum, i added some cinnamon and vanilla- just to see what would happen.

finally getting to some much needed landscaping. this entrance way has needed some work, i put a ton of different stuff here, annuals, perinneials, herbs, tomatoes, a couple rose bushes. plan to include some bulbs for spring and summer blooming. added mushroom compost, top soil, and other soil enchancers, so hopefully this will pay off in the long run.


this took about 6 hours which included buying the plants and getting everything in and cleaned up, mom and i enjoyed a light dinner of veggie omlets and salad-then we watched The Queen which i got for mother's day, helen merrin goes a wonderful queen elizabeth.

post compost and top soil hands, really go them dirty, but make the perfect excuse for a manicure next week!

on friday i went to why knot knit-they are closing- and pick up this and this, and lace circular needles- can't beat 30% off, will go back in a couple weeks to see what they have at 50- got my eye on a couple things!

will have updates on the containers, just a bit more, and then I can mark 2 things off my list-


mary said...

cute! (and who did you get to take the dirty hands photo?!) good luck with the WKK sale!

LotusKnits said...

mmm i bet those muffins were good!

landscaping looks great! i need to finish mine too.