Thursday, June 26, 2008

adjust-adapt-move forward

today's theme-- indicated by the title, and my attempt to connect this post
with the blog name--♥

adjust-in knitting if you have a pattern you're dying to try, and you have yarn you want to use- an adjustment may have to be done-needle size, etc. that's why gauge (even though we hate it) should be done- ranks up there with blocking.
adapt-in the same vein as stated above because we're not all the same, and patterns are often designed with an "average" figure in mind, we have to adapt the pattern to our size-thanks to the extensive amount of time mary spent with me at knitch a while back, i have a better understanding of what really fits me and what to look for in a pattern, so that my knitting time is productive time.
once the above 2 goals are met- you can move forward with your project......

okay, so with that brief intro, i'll get the point which--my carpool went bust, i'm back to doing the whole bus thing. it didn't even last 8 hours! while we were discussing details for meeting up for our return trip-turns out they wanted me to be at their location at 3:00-dude- i've already change my departure time once, and told you via email and phone-at 7:00 am you're telling me you changed departure times without saying anything till now?????
sooooo, that leaves me with doing the bus, 'cause any day steve will have to turn in his city car, and that'll leave me with either busing it in, or driving the "tank" which i'm not doing, all that to say, i've got to adjust, adapt my morning schedule and move forward.
adjusting to getting up earlier so i can depart my house for the park and ride by 5:40 to get the 6 or 6:10 bus, adapt to not having "extra" time to get things done before i leave, and adjusting my exercise routine, so i can still do my devotion and check emails before i hit the shower at 5:05 --i love doing the bus thing except for how my morning has to be re-arranged, but it guarantees me about an hour and a half of knitting time 5 days per week, and someone else takes over the driving, so if i do fall asleep-it's okay. i don't save any money doing this as i have to drive 7 miles to the park and ride, pay my fair, $6 a round trip! and then i have to catch the train, and then walk about 3 blocks to my office, which is great when it's not raining or below freezing!
so moving forward has been okay so far, but once the weather gets cold-hmmmm me thinks more adapt/adjusting will be required also, thinking-leg warmers, and more praying there's no rain until i'm inside my office--
that's it is a not so small nutshell how between life and knitting one must adjust, adapt, and move forward- thanks for hanging out with me----

next update with photos- 3 completed pairs of socks!!!!! AND my ravelry stash is being updated with my new purchases- check it out this weekend.

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mary said...

if there's one thing i can say for sure about you - it's that you'll adapt, adjust or just plain move on to a place that will work for you (and all those you love)... so sorry the carpool didn't work, but at least for the summer, while you can, i think the bus and the knitting (and the ipod?) sound like a grand plan. stay chill....