Monday, June 23, 2008


totally loved this place, don't know if it was because the weather was just perfect, or what--but was able to spend a few hour in the downtown area, well after the celtic victory parade, but there was still plenty of green to be seen, and was enchanted by cambridge. here's what i went, and what i did--woolcott & co yarn shop-literally 150 feet from the hotel- great selection even though the shop was very small, still love the one's at "home" better. Also visited mind's eye- another very small shop about a mile from the hotel, the owner was very nice, and i bought some of her very own dyed yarn. i went here and here- and saw phenominal art- some of my favorite pieces that i studied at ksu were on the walls, this and this and this are but a few of the paintings.

dining included lunch from here, here, here, and here - caprese sandwich on baguette (oh my!), dessert here, dinner here, here and here-this place was just okay. my travel mate doesn't do seafood or red meat, so in boston that drastically limited us. there are some places near paul revere's house that looked wonderful, very "one of a kind" places. starbucks was not as plentiful in cambridge as nyc, but they do have peet's coffee, 1 starbucks- i did spot another starbucks on our last day that was tucked wayyyy back in a corner- several tea shops, and
also some very neat little shops tucked here and there. harvard's campus was beautiful, the subway and trolley very easy to use-- learned on this trip it pays to arrive a day early to scope out the dining opportunities, and that i really love indian food! me thinks an indian cookbook will be on my shelf very soon!

other than walking around that was pretty much what i did from tuesday-friday besides sit in training/meeting, and work on my sock!

definately would like to go back, and would also like to visit chicago, bowling green (ky) not sure why, and salem (mass)-- i'll leave you with a mosaic of some of the sights.


mary said...

oh yes, isn't the mosaic a fun way to go! looks like a great trip!

Anonymous said...

loved the pictures of boston, very english looking (cant imagine why) i too would love to visit salem mass. would like to see chicago again, also bowling green. Glad you had a good time. Mum.