Sunday, June 15, 2008


this may be a tough post to do, but here goes ----was thinking about my dad the other day and had a good cry. he's been gone for 8 years, and i do miss him. i know i'm not alone when i say that there are many occasions in life when we wished we'd said certain things. . . or spent more time together doing . . . or whatever----that's where i'm at right now. i'm just hoping that maybe there's a portal in heaven, and he can see this post, and he will know how much i love and miss him. there are many things i admire about my dad, but never told him, and even in a very strange sort of way i want to wish him a

"happy father's day"

there really wasn't much my dad couldn't do, in my eyes at least- he wasn't highly educated, but had a "smarts" about him that comes from life experiences:

he drove stock/race cars-was a life guard-could fish, hunt, camp,and boat-was a bartender, met howard cosell, jerry lee lewis, roy orbison, and probably many others during his bar days in atlanta. he could build, repair and remodel anything, when home depot opening he was a happy camper indeed. golfed, loved sports. landscapedlike a pro. and gardened like a farmer. pinstripe a car with precision, was a shade tree mechanic--loved cars-drove a motorcycle-with all three of the kids on it!, he was in cuba, on a boat in the water, during the missle crisis-- really wish i had learned more about this. loved God and country and his family in his own way really loved his children. so with all that . . . . happy father's day, daddy
On a happy note . . .
i have a wonderful father in law, so to roy i'll say a very special happy father's day to you, i'm sure mary will have a wonderful post wishing you a happy father's day as well


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful tribute to your father...also, I know Roy will be pleased with your comments about him. Polly

mary said...

tears in my eyes, that was beautiful, lydia!

Anonymous said...

Thank you lydia for giving your dad a living memorial, he was very proud of you and a very special person. he also played on a team with Lee Treveno for a golf tournament for charity, whilst working for the Regency Hyatt House in the 70's. love you mum.