Monday, June 16, 2008

lazy days of summer???

friday was the last day of soccer camp, and andrew represented england in the "world" cup- they came in 4th (i think)----how about this get up for spirit! he really enjoyed the camp which was totally different from last year, and we'll probably do this one again.

that night mom and i hosted a movie night for some ladies in the neighborhood, no photo-sorry, but some yummy snacks and pinot grigio while we watched the full monty, it was a hilariously good time- thanks amy, ann, diana, and jane for coming, and we hope to do this again.

saturday was another "girl" gathering for my southern living at home "show", more great ladies to hang out with and enjoy some time together. then off for a pedicure for mom before her lions and eagles gathering--cute toes- cute flowers- blurry photo.

the rest of saturday was spent grilling and cooking for the next week, burgers for the youth dinner sunday evening, and father's day lunch.

sunday- up and going early, exercise-coffee fellowship-church-father's day lunch for steve (again no photo, sorry) sausages, pasta, and turtle brownies (courtesy of lions and eagles) and ice cream- steve spent the day working on his mid-term, and i worked on getting ready for boston, youth dinner, planting hostas, and chauffeuring the boys to their youth activities, and checking on the moller's dogs.
i think i finally "sat" down about 8:30- looking forward to relaxing on tuesday and exploring boston/cambridge (flight gets in around 12:30 pm)- once i get back i'll have the habitate 4 humanity project, i've been looking forward to this activity. think i'll have a chance to relax when i get back?!!!

a boston post hopefully on sunday


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mary said...

safe travels and be sure to take LOTS of photos! :-) we'll miss you at mexican.