Thursday, July 3, 2008

bon voyage

tuesday mom headed off to the "mother land". we wanted to avoid the downtown traffic as much as possible. so we drove to the north avenue station, i unloaded mom, her luggage, the boys, kathy and danielle, then i parked at my office, and i walked back to the station- bought our tickets, and headed to the airport via marta rail- what a cool and easy way to go! loved it

and we're off-i don't think mom's ridden the marta train, in like FOREVER!

here we are at the airport--getting ready to check mom in, and get her settled with wheelchair assistance.

mom got to the airport with plenty of time before her flight-the rest of us decided to head to dinner to wait out the traffic at manuel's tavern yummy burgers and fish'n'chips.
me and the boys- don't you just love that hair???!!1

a quick group snap

and can you believe this- haven't seen on in ages, but $5.00???? i remember when you could get them out of the machine for 50 cents, and i could buy them for my mom- those were the days

got an email from mom that her flight went well, i'm sure she'll have a great time, and can't wait to hear about her adventures--a trip to blackpool is planned.

tomorrow- THE road race!


Lynette said...

Great pics! Good luck with the road race tomorrow.

Happy 4th of July!

Anonymous said...

how long is Jean going to be gone? is this the 50th wedding anniversary?

we've done the Marta/airport trip a few times and it certainly is the way to go, especially when the traffic is backed up and you sit on the train and laugh.

look forward to details on the road race. can't believe P.J.'s haircut(?)...guess it gets cut normally before school starts. Polly

mary said...

stopped by hoping to see the road race, but loved the pics of your bon voyage (and polly's comment about the haircut :-)