Friday, July 4, 2008

happy 4th, indeed

been there-done it- alas, NO PHOTOS except this one that was on juniper near my office, forgot both my camera and my phone, so here's last year's race post- i started at 7:59 and crossed the finish line at 9:33. pretty good time considering i walked the entire race. a couple times i tried to get a bit of a jog in, but my knee was having nothing to do with that. next year's training will consist of strengthening the knee muscles and maybe that stuff that rebuilds cartilage. i miss not actually running it, but it was incredible fun anyway. like the new route down juniper and ending on ponce, a lot less bottle-necked that at piedmont park.
some stuff i saw: people: tons of people, all shapes, sizes colors, fitness levels, ages (racers and fans), babies in various stages of development (unborn to newly born), dogs (all breeds), drinkers beer, coffee, water, mimosas-- bands: jazz, rock, alternative, african, oldies: tons of powerade paper cups, a priest throwing blessed water on the runners (St. Philips Cathedral), flags galore, mile markers (#6 right in front of my office!), i-pods, hats, visors, saxby chambliss, 2 people from my sunday school class (in different areas), cops, helicopters, water, misters, blah blah blah- can NOT wait til next year-here's my trophy- pretty cool

totally off topic, new hair cut- went here had to find a new stylist-what to you think? i like it better after i dried it, not as straight as it was when emily did the blow drying--



Anonymous said...

I congratulate you on doing the race--certainly makes the 4th a special day for you.

Yes, I like the new hairdo--looks like it will be easy to do. Polly

LotusKnits said...

Congrats on the race! The haircut is super cute!!

mary said...

yeah you!! love that you do the race (and this year's shirt is a good one!)...and I'm with polly and melanie - the new 'do is cute!